What is SteamPing?
Steamping is a free service that let you know instantly about updates of the games which are published on Steam. You can keep track of game updates by your e-mail or you can follow them on Tweeter if you wish. By logging in to your simple and easy-to-use user control panel, you can choose the games you want to be informed and receive updates about them. So you can see related informations in your inbox, regularly. If you are a game server admin, you will be aware of current updates right away and keep your servers up to date in no delay. By this way, your servers will always be updated and serve a smooth gaming experience for your community.

If you like SteamPing and would like to support its further development, consider donating. The more money in the pool, the more time we can spend developing SteamPing.

Latest 10 update
1. 12 Apr Insurgency1185
2. 10 Apr No More Room in Hell10710
3. 02 Apr Team Fortress 22177902
4. 29 Mar Insurgency1169
5. 27 Mar Insurgency1163
8. 08 Mar No More Room in Hell1079
10. 06 Mar Team Fortress 22142131

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